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A tribute to Lions and Leos worldwide for their generosity and solidarity in the aftermath of this devastating disaster.

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We are witnessing the worst natural disaster in the WHO European Region for a century.

Hans Kluge

Regional Director of WHO Europe


One million left homeless

More than 40,000 people in Türkiye died in the earthquake and a powerful aftershock and about 47,000 buildings were destroyed or damaged, according to the International Rescue Committee. 

Many have sought refuge in temporary shelters, and millions more remain in need of food, shelter, electricity, water and toilets. Many have spent almost two weeks in the open air, sometimes in freezing weather.

The Turkish government, along with relief workers from agencies like the Red Crescent and the UNHCR, are scrambling to meet the herculean challenge of housing people.

FULL ARTICLE: Earthquake Survivors’ Desperately Hunt for Shelter - The New York Times ( 

February 21, 2023







LCIF calls for donations.

A 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Turkey and Syria killing more than 2,000 people. LCIF is mobilizing funds, including a US$200,000 Major Catastrophe grant to empower Lions in Turkey. Donate to LCIF's Disaster Relief Fund! #LCIFLions 

February 6, 2023

Lions of MD 118, with funds from LCIF, are providing 16 prefab container buildings to the Hatay Province in southeastern Türkiye to create a Lions Village for earthquake survivors. Ten containers will house two families each. Two containers will be used as kitchens, two for lavatories and showers, one for laundry, and one for a bakery. This is in addition to the 300 tents sent by the Swedish Lions. Your generous donations to LCIF's Relief Fund, specifically reserved for all disaster relief, help Lions continue to serve! #LCIFLions 

February 18, 2023





D130 and Undistricted Bulgaria made their first donation directly to D118K, their "twin district" in Türkiye. The amount is transferred to MD118's Lions Village for immediate action.

Following D118K's direction, Bulgaria made their second donation directly to MD118 on March 1st.

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MD106 donated 600.000 kroner from their disaster fund to UNICEF. Lions of Denmark are now running an SMS collection. The amount they raise will to be donated through LCIF.

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Lions of D103SW donated18,750 to LCIF.

Lions of the southwestern France even distributed a DG Bulletin for disaster relief.

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Lions of MD111 sent 31 tents, 120 sleeping bags and 90 insulation materials to the disaster zone

Lions in Germany also provided search and rescue, medication, mobile health service for smaller issues to relieve hospitals, medical equipment to support hospitals, tents, small heating systems, blankets, sleeping bags, food and hygiene kits thanks to the donation of €450,000 for immediate earthquake relief with their proven partner organizations I.S.A.R. (Hatay) and Action medeor (Gaziantep, Şanlıurfa, Kilis and Hatay).

At the end of February, German Lions sent 3300 sleeping bags directly to Lions Village Project. 1300 distributed to the Hatay and 2000 distributed to Adıyaman.

Lastly, MD111 decided to support the Lions Village Project with 20 containers! 2 for kitchen and 18 for living.

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Go raibh maith agat

D133 contacted Türkiye on the first day of the disaster. Lions in Rebuplic of Ireland and Northern Ireland made their donation directly to D118Y. Their support turned into immediate action with the purchase of a container building for MD118's Lions Village project.

D133 made another equivalent donation on behalf of St. Cronan's Boys' National School. Courtesy of Broin Family. 

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MD108 runs a donation campaign to LCIF

“There is no time to lose and we are all called to do our part as Lions." stated Council Chairperson Eddi Frezza. 

Lions in Italy reached almost half million Euros in the first week of March!

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District 354A's Seoul 911Srt Lions Club came to Türkiye for search and rescue. Forming specialty clubs allows groups of people around the world to turn their passions into life saving service projects.

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Lions of MD104 have decided to give NOK 500,000 from their Norwegian Disaster Fund to LCIF!

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MD101 rained Lions support to Türkiye including but not limited to blankets, generators and more than 300 tents worth over two million kroner to several cities devasted by the disaster.

Swedish Lions also set up a hot meal stand where local Lions served 1000 victims a day for twenty days.

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From Council of Governors

We, the Lions of Türkiye are so sad by the terrible earthquake that struck South-East Region of our Country. Our thoughts are with the people of the Region, our members are trying to serve injured people and the families of the victims. We are providing immediate relief and emergency supplies to survivors in the form of food, shelter, water, clothes, medicine and container houses. We would like to express our deep gratitude to our Lions Family on behalf of the Lions of MD118 Türkiye and on behalf of the victims that the generous support of the Lions will reach. To know and feel that our Lions Family is with us to heal the wounds gives us strength and courage. #TogetherWeCan. And together we will.

Tuba Tengiz Yılmaz

Council Chairperson

From Leos

Turkish Leos are trying to respond to the emergency needs coming from the disaster area. This is just the beginning. We have to do so much more than what we are doing now. We lost Leos, friends and families to this devastating disaster. We feel helpless. Yet we try to be the help that is needed. We will make it. We have to. #TogetherWeCan. And together we will.

Orhun Tugay Kocaoğlu

Leo MD President

From Disaster Relief Efforts

Lions and Leos in Türkiye are restlessly serving the disaster victims every single day on site and from their hometowns. Lions impact continues thanks to members, partners and supporters from all over the world.

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Who are Turkish Lions and Leos?



SERVED 1,487,616 people in 2021-2022.

BRANDED schools, parks, forests, shuttles and more with Lions emblem all over Türkiye for 60 years.

Along with their passion of service to all communities at home and abroad Turkish Lions and Leos are known for their everlasting loyalty to the ideals of MUSTAFA KEMAL ATATÜRK, Türkiye's Founding Father.

An old friend. Renewed.

Diabetes education and screening panel van funded by LCIF last year is a mobile pharmacy today in the disaster area thanks to the collaboration between local Lions, Turkish Diabetes Foundation and Turkish Pharmacist's Association. Before turning into a pharmacy, the vehicle carried thousands of diabetes supplies to the disaster area. Photo taken last year. 


Lions tech helps disaster relief

World Economic Forum praised Türkiye, with the youngest population in Europe, for its technology focus including but not limited to WhatsApp helplines, crypto fundraisers, open-source platforms and AI-powered data filters in the response to the crisis

Leos in Türkiye supported disaster victims directly using digital tools within collaborative platforms from the first day of the crisis. Lions in Türkiye, with increasing numbers of Leo-Lions and Young Lions, are no stranger to technology as well. All of the disaster relief databases are collected via digital means in all districts of Türkiye right now.

On reporting service, Türkiye ranked among the first countries in Europe last year and one district's digital transformation not only recognized as a GAT Success Story but also made to Top 100 Success Stories worldwide.

Lions Disaster Information Center,, is one of the digital tools launched on the first day of the crisis with Lions and Leos from all over Türkiye.